Visit the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge!

Visit the refuge any day from dawn to dusk. Drive through a 700-acre enclosed area to see bison and elk. The Visitor Center features an exhibit area, bookstore and movie theater.

Visit the Refuge!

Visit the Refuge

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Miles of trails radiate from the Visitor Center! Drive through a 700-acre enclosure and you may spot bison or elk! Thousands of visitors come each year and enjoy birding, hiking, biking, mushrooming, hunting, wildlife watching, and teacher workshops. We hope you’ll plan your visit today! Learn more


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The power of a Friend’s group is its members. Get involved and become a steward of Iowa’s endangered tallgrass prairie ecosystem. We represent a variety of interests, talents and financial support allowing the Friends of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge to meet its mission and goals. Learn more


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The volunteer program is an active and vital part of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge. Annually, dedicated volunteers contribute thousands of hours to assisting the Refuge with a wide variety of projects. Our volunteer program recruits people of all talents, ages and backgrounds who have an interest in the tallgrass prairie. Learn more


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Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge staff provides environmental education programs for selected partner schools, partner teachers, and scout groups. Neal Smith NWR also offers field trip environmental education experiences for non-partner schools and teachers. Learn more



Friends of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge Prairie Point Nature Store

Visit the Prairie Point Nature Store!

We carry avast array of prairie literature, children’s books, non-fiction works, field guides, along with refuge t-shirts, artwork, postcards, toys, and Federal duck stamps.

 Fall Activity Guide Now Available

See our Fall 2017 Activity Guide for classes, hikes, and special events!


Friends of Neal Smith | Fall 2017 Activity Guide

Seasons of Wellbeing on the Prairie Retreats

If you have been looking for an opportunity to connect to nature and make time for yourself – this is the experience that will provide it – and so much more.

Learn tools and strategies to reduce stress, increase a healthy balance and live from a place of mindfulness all while connecting to the amazing prairie at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge. There will be four day retreats offered that align with the seasons on the prairie. You are welcome to attend and enjoy one, two, three or all four day retreats. You decide what feels right and fits into your schedule.

All retreats are from 10:00am – 3:00pm.

The dates and themes are:

Spring: Saturday, May 13, 2017
“The Gifts of Wellbeing”

Summer: Saturday, July 8, 2017
“The Nature Connection of Wellbeing”

Fall: Saturday, October 7, 2017
“The Mindfulness of Wellbeing”

Winter: Saturday, February 10, 2018
“The Balance of Wellbeing”


 Art Prints Available

in  the Prairie Point Nature Store

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge

Unframed - Maynard ReesePrice
Seclusion-Wood Ducks$250.00
The Family-Canada Geese$125.00
Roseman Bridge$150.00
Madison County Bridge$150.00
Wood Ducks$175.00
Frosty Morning$850.00
Framed- Maynard ReecePrice
Dark Sky-Snow Geese$250.00
Upland Series 4- Grouse$225.00
Seasons End-Pheasants Forever$100.00
Spring Passage-Pheasants Forever$100.00
Back Forty Bobwhites-Anderson$200
Back Forty Mallards-Anderson$200
Back Forty Bucks-Anderson$200




What Visitors Say

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in Winter

“What is a winter prairie? A winter prairie is fresh, cold and pretty. The landscape is filled with deep snow and dead plants but the beauty of it is fascinating. I feel peacefulness on the prairie. Animal prints follow my every step.” 

Monroe Fifth Grader, Naturalist - .


Friends of Neal Smith | Spring 2017 17

Spring 2017 Activity Guide

See the Spring 2017 Activity Guide for events, hikes, and special programs! + Read More